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Gal ♛ Crit
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galcrit is a community aimed to help up-and-coming (and experienced) gyaru with their style. No bashing is allowed. Only pure, well-intended criticism.
here are two-parts to every crit: 1) the 'point system' and 2) the written crit.
The point system is used as a sort of 'quickie' review. You will grade the poster's hair, makeup, and coord on a 1-10 scale. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.
Hair: 6.5
Makeup: 8
Coord: 5

Then a typed out, worded critique will follow giving suggestions and advice. If the poster only wishes to be critiqued on one of the above, they must state so in the subject line of their post. (i.e.: CRIT - HAIR)
PLEASE TAG YOUR POSTS! You can view the tagging system here.
♛ Absolutely no senseless bashing or unnecessarily harsh critique. There is a difference between tough love and just plain tough.
♛ To be critiqued you must at least look live you've given an effort to your look. Posts are moderated. I will deny your post if it looks like your half-assed your submission.
♛ Pics bigger than 400x400 should be under a cut. (<*lj-cut text*="insert something witty"*> minus the asteriks
Nobody's perfect, so there will always be something to critique! A simple comment compliment the poster with suggestions is frowned upon. Your completely honest opinion is necessary to improve! The rating portion (at least) should be honest. This doesn't mean you can't compliment! That is great for gal-esteem, but so is loving crit!
♛ If you would like to advertise or promote something please contact a mod for permission, otherwise the post will be denied.
♛ This is a crit community. Do not come here expecting compliments. If you cannot be mature enough to handle crit please refrain from posting.
Direct any questions or concerns to the mod's inbox.